Corner Motor : Honda Revo Absolute new

Honda Stop Producing Fit X and Revo, Launching Absolute Revo 110

honda absolute revo 110Astra Honda Motor stop the production of Honda Fit X and Revo 100CC. As replacement,Honda launch Absolute Revo with 110 CC engine. This bike will be the most competitive bike on it’s class because it sold with lower price compared with it’s main competitor Yamaha Vega ZR which has already launched last December.

This bike bring “Smart Styling”, “Smart Performance”, and “Smart Convenient”concepts. It uses similiar engine which one use on Honda Blade. Compared to the former Revo, it has bigger engine capacity, but Honda claimed that it consume 5% fuel concumtion.

This bike alsofeatured with EFT (efficient & low friction technology) which will keep the engine live longger. Honda also claim that it can run until 54,8km for 1 liter fuel. It gain 200 m in 13.06 seconds with highest speed up to 92,8 km/h.


by corner motor from absoluterevo110


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